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Cynthia Abbott Curtis

Profile Updated: March 21, 2010
Residing In:
Bloomington, IL USA
James Curtis
Child Care Provider
Brett Bandel 29 born 1981
Dawn Bandel 28 born 1982
Granddaughter-Harmony 6 born 2003

Met my first husband Brett Bandel right out of high school. He was in the Air Force so we moved all over. My son was born at Eglin AFB in Valparaiso, Florida. My daughter was born at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. We lived there for 2 years before moving to Killeen, TX for 2 years. We only made it 2 more years after moving home and I was left to raise my children on my own. I met Jim Curtis in 1990 and found the love of my life. Some of you may remember Mr. Curtis from Art class and golf? Jim is the oldest of 5, you might know Rob, Tonda or Dale? Anyway, having Mr. Curtis as a father-in-law is weird as he was my art teacher.
Some of you may have partied in the house I live in now on E. Market St. Jim's lived there since he was 5 and turned it into a party house in the late 70's when he bought the house from his parents. If you have, let me know how & when!!
We got married in 1993 and turned this bachelor pad into a Family daycare home. Big Difference!!
I've been successfully raising other people's children for almost 18 years and loving it. "I love to work at nothing all day" (BTO-1974)
My daughter had a daughter in 2003 and they live in this house with me right now til they get on their feet. How long does it take?
Really, I love my family. My son Brett is in the Army National Guard and has done 2 tours in Iraq.
My hero, My soldier, My son!
I still hang around with some of you, like Chris Baily, Kristi (Neal) Wilson, two of my best friends ever. Kristi has to be my best friend because she's my cousin, lol.
I've been golfing and bowling since I was 12 and not bad a both. I can't believe we are all 50 this year, where have the years gone?

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