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2010 Reunion Recap

July 5, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came to the Class of 1978 Reunion/50th Birthday Party over the first weekend in July, 2010!

It was so good to see everyone and to the out of towners - thank you for making the journey!

Everyone had a great time. If you were not able to make the party, we hope you can make the next one!

Jeannie (Mann) Ellsworth made 2 awesome Birthday cakes for our party. Kurt Hoffman and Gregg Zimmerman did an excellent job on the music. Phyllis (Rasmus) Schulz, Darlene (Odorizzi) Trower, Leanna (Grethey) Whinna, Lori (Poling) Glaze, and Kayla (Balch) Short did a fantastic job with the food. Amy (Brandt) Calamari and Karen (Hartley) Smiley made everything so festive with the decorations. Amy, thanks for making things fun with the games and prizes. Karen, thanks for arranging the tour of BHS. Paul Lawrence coordinated a well-attended golf outing at the Den at Fox Creek. And thanks to the website co-administrators and extended committee who helped find email, phone and contacts for many classmates.

We asked for donations to keep the class website going and everyone came through. As of this posting we have enough from the party to get a discounted rate by pre-paying through 2015.

We want to keep in contact with as many people as we can; to do this we need to encourage those on the 'missing classmates' list to sign-up on the website. Please help spread the word; go to the missing classmates list and contact anyone you know to let them know how you like the site and how much fun the site can be.

There has been some great feedback from the 50th Birthday Party. The Reunion Gallery is now up and running. You can post your own photos there, or simply add them to your own profile page, or both.

Check back in a week or so, and John Power, photographer, will have his set of pictures for us also. 

We're very grateful to Mike Tuttle for using his genealogy expertise to research and maintain the obituaries of our lost classmates in the 'In Memory' section. If you know of information where you see it missing, please send a message to Mike. 

Thanks again to everyone!

Bob & Amy (Pate) Lundeen



BHS Class of 1978 Reunion Committee

Jeannie Mann Ellsworth - Birthday Cakes

Ed Shierry - Afterhours Team Leader

Amy (Brandt) Calamari

Becky Camp

Bob Lundeen

Amy (Pate) Lundeen

Chris Bailey

Darlene (Odorizzi) Trower

Karen (Hartley) Smiley

Kurt Hoffman

Gregg Zimmerman

Lea Anna (Grethey) Whinna

Lori (Poling) Glaze

Mary (Anderson) Kelly

Mike Tuttle

Paul Lawrence

Phyllis (Rasmus) Schulz